ZP server - Problems with people.

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  1. ZP server - Problems with people.

    Ok this might have been posted but we have a major problem at like 11PM - 10AM there are loads of spammers on the mics and stuff but theres never an admin on so we cant do anything and you cant mute them. The rising amount of TK'ers / blockers rise at the time of night as well. We REALLY need an admin for that time please help.
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    This is exactly that, what i always said!
    The ZPS player relations are 30% (nice ppl) to 70% (chaos ppl).
    Especially in the nights, because there are no more admins...(yeah, we need also some sleep, although we are semi-gods :D ).

    Finally, we need a solution for this problem:
    1.) More admins
    2.) We close the ZPS server from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m.
    3.) We dont allow voice-chat (dont know if this is possible *asking waebi*)

    Some other solutions?

    BTW: could you please post their steam id and a screenshot when you see them doing it again?
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    bad idea... More admins means more problems with abuse as we know.

    lolz :D no comment.

    sv_voiceenable 0 iirc. but fails as there should be talked.

    Some other solutions?
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    It's true. :roll:

    but how many admins do we currently got on for the ZPS? I mean besides Tom Hackers.
  5. Bun

    Re: ZP server - Problems with people.

    Me and GIROGUY.
    I don't play it to often though.
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    Acid Absinth
    Tom Hackers
    Confirmed for Brawl

    all admins on ZPS.
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    Solution would be to appoint admins who are located in the USA for that time range.
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    btw core...my solutions werent so serious ^^ but sometimes it works ^^

    USA admins...but it is hard to find some who are serious in keeping the server clean.
  9. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: ZP server - Problems with people.

    Well I think you can't solve the problem but you can treat it...I reckon if we can get an MOTD that explicitly states the rules and the repurcussions of not following them, then that at least gives admins some ground to work on when kicking people, and trying to defend themselves when being accused of abuse. It's also difficult when clansters come on in groups, like Warriors, and since they become the majority disciplining them is very difficult, because they often try to incite riots on account of the fact they reckon they're invincible. The fact that some of them come and just sit on mic talking their own language is an unsolvable issue, but one that often causes some upset among the players...it's fine that they want to speak their native language, go ahead by all means but when people start to get angry, racism comes into it and it all gets nasty. Sometimes even when Tom Hackers is typing russian with others people get worked up about it...I don't know.

    I don't want to ban other languages or clans or voice chat on the server, that's not fair but I think we could do with some published ground rules to back us up.

    Edit: Another point is using commands like slap and noclip to get people out when the physics glitch, as we all know they regularly do, can get admins some flak too...I think we've got to establish that commands are at the admins' discretion, and that if they have a problem they should come here to report it instead of yelling "H4X! Abuser!". Maybe we can get the web address in chat like on the tf2 servers?
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    Ok im playing right now and a guy called:
    # 658 "FAGGOT[usa]" STEAM_0:1:17652423 41:01 158 0 active


    # 670 "Merkaba" STEAM_0:0:18296462 32:39 182 0 active

    Keeps blocking and spamming the chat or calling people idiots and a few other things.

    This is one of the examples i mean when the world is going to end soon.
    Only got a screenshot of one of them but they both did this kinda thing.

    Anyways hope you deal with this guy bye bye. :mrgreen:

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