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  1. zpo_escape_beta1

    Spent the last 2 days making this map.
    Bloody sick of hammer editor :lol:

    zpo_escape is based on working together as a team and communication.

    The map file, screenshots and a more detailed description can be found here:

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    Looks awesome :D

    I'll install it later if someone doesn't beat me to it :P
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    "You cannot assess a withheld submission" hope map be downloadable soon...
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    I forgot to include the author of a prefab i used.

    I have now added the author and i am waiting admin approval.

    Untill then i will upload to another location for now.

    http://rapidshare.de/files/40789955/zpo ... 1.zip.html
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    What's your steam id or steam page? I will add you in friends :)
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    I don't need your login, you can edit message and remove it... :D

    UPD: Map uploaded.

    UPD2: updated to beta1a...
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    would help if you made a short list of things you think are bugs.
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    Also my FPS gets almost 4x lower when I'm looking at the big house thing from the zombie spawn than when I'm looking at anywhere else in the map :?
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    Beta2 uploaded.
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    UPD: Done. Enjoy.
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    Uploading done, have fun.
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    Humans can still kill other humans by walking into them once the helicopter has taken off :(

    Theoretically this could lead to the entire human team dying and the zombies winning instead :lol:
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    Its an orange box engine problem.

    Not a map problem.

    Nothing can be done.
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    Maybe you could make a huge invisible block appear inside the helicopter when it takes off, trapping everyone that's inside?
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    would count as 'door blocking' and would kill everyone.

    Nice idea though.
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    What about a grid of invisible walls?
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    no way to force players between the lines in the grid in any neat and tidy way.

    Would fail epicly.

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