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  1. Longbow Victorique <3

    ZPS servers

    Earlier today we had a guy named dirtyfishy spamming Darkisock on one of the ZPS servers. I went over to tell him to stop but he wouldnt listen, and so i kicked him. Straight away he came back and spammed again. This time i went to ban him but it didn't work. After another 3 minutes of Darkisock spam the ZPS Hardcore server crashed, and that got rid of him.

    The point is, fix the ban command and fix Rcon so that the admins can deal with these people...

    I've asked for this to be done many times, so just to make sure people can read this clearly;

    [size=+5]FIX THE ZPS RCON AND SM_BAN![/size]

    Any questions? no? good. Get it done pl0x.
  2. gig

    Re: ZPS servers

    Longbow has become Angerman! :eek:

    i get your point though,would be nice if there was someone in charge of just the zps section to keep the maplist updated and to fix little problems and so on, in my opinion. the lack of attention it receives kills it a lot.
  3. Re: ZPS servers

    Yeah, some people think spamming the GM servers in ZPS won`t do anything because there are like 2-3admin who care about it. The rest are TF2 geeks who beliveve running around with a fat mecanic or a crazy teenager with a baseball bat will make them better.
    There`s been alot of thi s going on latly on the ZPS servers. Russians who screams, arabians fellows that spam chat with all theese wierd words.

    It is like gig says, we need someone with more authority on the zps servers.
    What comes around goes around.
  4. Re: ZPS servers

    I seen this about lately. this should be sorted out.

    next time some1 spamming in the dark sock, i'll kick them via ban panel unless someone beats me to it. :P

    let the leaders come online 1st, savage cant do anything about it. geit is away I think or on holiday, donno? if dark dont answer, speak to his brother(blue) :D
  5. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: ZPS servers

    Would be nice to have a leader guy who actually cares about it. Alot of people seem to shrug off the ZPS servers. What those people don't get is that those servers are still part of, and represent, the GM community. Make the ZPS servers look good, and it makes GM look good.

    Not so hard to get your head round eh?

    Also we could do with some more GM members on the servers. It makes them look brilliant and it's always nice to see friendly community members in-game. So get downloading and go have some fun away from hectic dustbowl.
  6. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: ZPS servers

    I'm looking into it, my computer has been dead for the last week, so I couldn't before.

    By the way, darkisock checks to see if a player is silenced before allowing the message to be sent to other servers (NOT GAG OR MUTE, SILENCE ONLY.), if you silence the player, they can't spam, anywhere, they can still grief though.

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